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Structured test authoring tool
Large organizations with independent test creator team can now easily create, review, monitor and improve on test questions.
Structured test format
Test can be developed in multi sections with different grading and timing parameters for each section
100% online and browser based
NUADU runs on any device and OS.
Optimized interface for English Test
10+ question types available to accommodate questions for all skills in English.
Cheating prevention
Randomizing questions to remote proctoring are as easy as pressing a button.
Progress tracking and custom analytics
Analyzing weakness to the sub-skill level and presenting different data perspective to different level user.

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Application of NUADU Exams for Education

Examination is inherent part of the learning process. The exams enable test takers to see the material from a different perspective. The exam results provide irreplaceable feedback that is widely used to address and close the learning gaps. The results can be aligned to different grading standards including CEFR! Thanks to NUADU environment, online language exams become a powerful tool to use for Qualifying, Mapping, and Training!

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